Unlike most investment funds, Pinetree is not encumbered by sunset issues that impact investment timing, minimum or maximum size of investment, nor sector focus. 

As such, we are able to be extremely flexible and opportunistic in our investing activities.  This is evidenced by our move over the last several years from a technology and biotechnology focus to a resource focus.  No doubt, we will shift our focus again as other sectors provide greater opportunities for above average returns. 

Regardless of the particular sector focus, we always look for the same attributes in our investee companies:

  • a solid business with real assets (either hard assets, resources or intellectual property),
  • a real market for the company’s product or service (as applicable), and
  • solid, experienced management with strong relationships
  • large and/or strategic land positions
  • well structured companies

What makes Pinetree Unique?



 Pinetree Capital

 Investee Stage of Development   

Seed to Discovery: Pinetree is an early investor, typically at the seed round and making subsequent investments as milestones are achieved.

 Sources of Deal Flow

Widespread: Proprietary deal-flow from relationships built over a 20 year history.

 Due Diligence

Proprietary: In-house team and network of industry contacts.

 Investment Process

Flexible: Able to act quickly due to flat structure and limited bureaucracy.

 Deal Size / Structure

Unconstrained: Open to buying private or public companies and taking large positions.

 Investee Involvement

Engaged: Pinetree will take an active role when needed with investee companies, including board and management participation, providing strategic advice and introducing key partners and investors.


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