Pinetree Capital Ltd. was born out of the ingenuity of Sheldon Inwentash, its Founder and current Chairman and CEO. The Company started in 1992 as a public shell that was formed to invest in technology companies. Pinetree raised initial funds of $2 million for its first venture capital investment.


Using proceeds from successful early investments, Pinetree built a portfolio of early stage technology companies through the mid-to-late 1990’s. Typically taking a 20% to 40% interest in each company, Pinetree acted as an incubator to these early stage technology start-ups. Pinetree’s investment philosophy during the dot-com era was to select companies with solid business plans and novel and valuable intellectual property. As a result, Pinetree was exposed to, but survived when the technology bubble burst in 2000-2001.


Anticipating that global growth would lead to an unprecedented demand for energy and resources, Pinetree switched its focus from technology and biotechnology to the resource sector in 2002.


Today, Pinetree’s strategy is to identify companies with good potential properties and reserves and invest heavily in advance of the projects being developed. Due to numerous global economic and political factors, Pinetree expects the prices of resource and energy-related commodities to remain elevated in the future.


With a finger on the pulse of the market and a proven track record of anticipating trends, Pinetree consistently invests ahead of the cycle.

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