Where do your shares trade?

Our shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol PNP.  Any full service broker should be able to buy Pinetree's shares for you on the TSX.  The shares also trade on the pink sheets under the symbol PNPFF.  However we do not sponsor or support trading there and we suggest you trade through the TSX.

We also have three series of warrants that trade on the TSX under the symbols PNP.WT.A and PNP.WT.B.  See the stock information page for details about the different warrants.

What warrants are outstanding?

See the stock information page for a list of the different warrants that are outstanding.

What is your current net asset value (NAV) per share?

We publish our NAV each month approximately 15 days after month end.  Please see the chart at our website at /investors/track_record/ for a quarterly history of our NAV. 

How can I get news releases that are issued by Pinetree?

You can sign up for news releases using the form on the left side of the page or click here

How do I find out if a particular company is in your investment portfolio?

We disclose our investments on our website when we release our quarterly and year-end financial results.  Only those investments that meet our disclosure criteria at a quarter-end are included.

For a description of our valuation and disclosure policy, see our policies page.

Between these disclosure periods, we do not disclose when investments are bought or sold, unless we must make any regulatory filing related to an investment.  If you would like to receive emails about Pinetree, including investment emails, please sign up using the form on the left of this page.

When you put out a press release about an investment, why don't you include more description about the company?

We do not disclose when investments are bought or sold, unless we must make any regulatory filing related to an investment.  As such, the press releases about new investments are issued for regulatory purposes only, and the wording of those press releases is regulated as well.  Therefore they include no information about the investee company. 

I need to find out about ownership of shares in your company due to estate settlement or similar reasons.  How do I do that?

Please contact our transfer agent, TMX Equity Transfer Services for information about share ownership.  TMX Equity Transfer Services can be reached at 416-361-0152.

How can I find out about insider trading in your shares?

All trades in Pinetree shares by insiders are filed with SEDI and they can be seen at

When do you release you financial results?

Our financial results for our quarters ending March 31st, June 30th and September 30th are released approximately 40 days after the end of the quarter.  Year end financial results are released about 90 days after our December 31st year end.

How can I get a package of information about Pinetree?

You can request an investor package by emailing  However, our website is an excellent source of information about Pinetree, and all of our public filings, including financial statements and press releases, are available at SEDAR (like EDGAR in the U.S.) at

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